Monday, December 1, 1986


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Israel's Supreme Court rules that authorities cannot legally discriminate against converts to Judaism [BG 12/2; LAT 12/3]. P.M. Shamir denies Israel knowingly helped channel funds to Nicaraguan rebels [NYT 12/3].

Other Countries: W. German reports indicate 2 Arabs found guilty of bombing at W. Berlin club in March may have been double agents working for Israel [WP 12/1].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: Israeli troops, attempting to control demonstration at UNRWA Teachers Training Center in Ramallah, shoot and wound a student in the head. At least 15 others are arrested in protests in the W. Bank 11/30 and 12/1 marking anniversary of the 1947 Palestine partition plan. Four colleges are ordered closed for a week [FJ 12/5].

Arab World: Amal, Sixth Lebanese Army Brigade, and Syrian commandos unite to launch major offensive against Shatila refugee camp. Palestinian forces hold off attackers [FJ 12/5]. Forty-six are killed, 111 wounded in heavy fighting between PLO and Amal forces in Beirut and S. Lebanon. One-day general strike in Sidon protests the on-going battle in that city [BG 12/2]. The Amal and the PNSF are reported to reach agreement on cease-fire in S. Lebanon [JP 12/2].