Monday, December 8, 1986


Occupied Palestine/Israel: P.M. Shamir acknowledges U.S.-Iran arms deal included promises to release Israeli soldiers [BG 12/9].

Arab World: Arab League foreign ministers begin emergency meeting in Tunis to discuss Amal-PLO fighting in Lebanon.

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: Israeli soldiers shoot and kill 12-year-old Palestinian boy, wound 6 [FJ 12/12; WP 12/9]. Preliminary reports indicate shot which killed the Balatta camp youth was not from army issue gun [FJ 12/12]. Shops closed in E. Jerusalem for third straight day [LAT 12/9]. Students at Hebrew University condemn the use of tear gas to disperse demonstrators, call for release of arrested students. Authorities close al-Najah University and old campus of Birzeit University. Al-Najah will reopen 12/16. Old BZU campus will open after Christmnas holiday [FJ 12/12].

Arab World: Continuing clashes between PLO and Amal forces at Shatila and Burj al-Barajinah refugee camps leave 2 dead, 8 wounded. PLO holds off Amal attack at Maghdushah. Syrian, Iranian, and Libyan mediators urge PNSF to call for acease-fire [LAT 12/9]. Cease-fire is broken less than 24 hours after going into effect, but Fateh announces 4-point plan to end fighting [BG 12/9].