Sunday, December 28, 1986


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Justice Ministry clears P.M. Shamir of complicity in the 1984 killing of 2 captured Arab bus hijackers and subsequent cover-up [NYT 12/29]. Journalist Akram Haniyyah is deported to Algeria by way of Geneva [FJ 1/9; LAT 12/29]. Mordechai Vanunu pleads innocent to charges of treason and espionage [LAT, NYT 12/29].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: Israeli soldiers shoot and wound 2 Palestinians in Ramallah during series of violent demonstrations protesting Akram Haniyyah's expulsion [LAT, NYT 12/29].

Arab World: Beirut refugee camp battles between Amal and PLO leave at least 4 dead, 27 wounded [BG 12/29].