Wednesday, February 12, 1986


Occupied Palestine/Israel: P.M.Peres outlines plan to "devolve" Israeli control of health, education, welfare, municipal services to Palestinians in occupied territories, says plan does not call for army withdrawal, would be temporary until negotiations began with Jordan [BG, NYT 2/13]. Israel and Ivory Coast formally renew diplomatic ties [BG, LT 2/13]. Thousands of demonstrators protest outside Kach party convention in Jerusalem [NYT, BG 2/13].

Other Countries: Forty-four U.S. senators ask Attorney General Edwin Meese III to indict Yasir Arafat for 4/2/73 murders of 2 U.S. diplomats in Sudan [WP, LAT 2/13].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: Military command announces Israeli patrol boat fired on Turkish vessel which refused to stop 2/10, killing captain [JC 2/13].