Tuesday, June 3, 1986


Occupied Palestine/Israel: F.M. Shamir denies involvement in cover-up of Shin Bet's activities in connection with killings of 2 Palestinians in April 1984 [BG 6/4]. Bank of Israel reports that 17,500 Israelis emigrated in 1985, against 12,500 new immigrants; second time since 1948 (1981 was other time) that net immigration negative [AFP 6/3]. Ten ultraorthodox Jews arrested in Jerusalem for damaging bus shelters carrying swimwear advertisements [JTA 6/4]. Israeli troops raid al-Najah University, beating 2 students, arresting 20, confiscating research material and nationalist literature [JP 6/5; FJ 6/6]. Israeli troops shoot into demonstrating crowd in Balata camp, wound 13-year-old Samir Shakir [FJ 6/6].

Arab World: King Hussein meets with Pres. Mitterrand in France.

Military Action

Arab World: Sunni February 6 militia continues to fight Amal in West Beirut, diverting Amal from battle for control of Palestinian refugee camps [WP 6/4]. Seventy are estimated dead, 750 wounded.