Saturday, March 8, 1986


Arab World: PLO issues statement on King Hussein's 2/19 speech ending joint Jordanian-PLO peace efforts; PLO expresses "great regret" at the rift, blames it on "Washington's continued bias in favor of the Zionist enemy," hopes to "transcend any negative developments" in its relationship with Jordan [WP, JP 3/9; 3/14]. King Hassan of Morocco urges PLO to form a government-in-exile toncrease its credibility and prestige [JP 3/9].

Military Action

Arab World: Arafat loyalists fight opposition groups inside Shatila refugee camp in S. Beirut [NYT 3/9]. Car bomb explodes in East Beirut near offices of Lebanese Pres. Amin Jumayyil's Phalange party headquarters, killing 5, wounding 30 [NYT, WP 3/9].