Wednesday, November 19, 1986


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Hanna Siniora, editor of al-Fajr, is charged with violating censorship laws related to a 1985 television interview and the 1986 al-Fajr diary [FJ 11/21].

Other Countries: W. German government states it will not break diplomatic relations with Syria despite evidence that Syria was involved in terrorist activity in Germany [WP 11/20]. U.S. Congress begins inquiries into the arms sales to Iran [BS 11/20]. U.S. Pres. Reagan says U.S. never condoned Israeli arms shipments to Iran but later states a third country was involved in the "secret project" [WP, NYT 11/20]. The Washington Post reports Israeli arms dealer Ya'acov Nimrodi arranged the U.S.-Iran arms sale [WP 11/19]. Turkey allows Syrian intelligence agent implicated in assassination of a Jordanian diplomat in Ankara to leave the country quietly [IN 11/22].

Military Action

Arab World: Rival PLO factions unite to defend the Burj al-Barajinah refugee camp against Shi'i forces. Eight are killed, 38 wounded in the fighting near Beirut. The Lebanese pound hits a record low against foreign currencies [WT, NYT 11/20].