Tuesday, November 25, 1986


Other Countries: The New York Times reports that Saudi Arabian arms dealer 'Adnan Khashoggi played important role in financing U.S.-Iran arms deals [NYT 11/26]. U.S. customs agents arrest arms dealer Kevin Gilday and charge him and 3 others with attempting to sell military equipmento Libya and Syria [WP 11/26]. U.S. Atty. Gen. Edwin Meese claims Israel acted on its own when it sent arms to Iran in late summer 1985, announces that profits from the arms deals were used to fund the Nicaraguan contras. Israeli government replies that U.S. requested the shipment and that Israel had no knowledge of funds diverted to the contras [LAT 11/26]. Head of Higher Islamic Council requests international protection for Jerusalem's Old City Arab residents [FJ 1/2].