Wednesday, December 2, 1987


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Israel extradites William Nakash, French Jew convicted of 1983 murder of Arab, to France [WP 12/3]. Imprisoned al-Najah U. student Jamal Hindi is served expulsion order [FJ 12/6]. Greek F.M. Karolos Papoulias meets with 20 Palestinians in E. Jerusalem, pledges continued Greek support for Palestinian national rights [Fl 12/6]. Lawyer for Husayn Thulthayn files appeal with military objections com. against Israeli confiscation of land [FJ 12/6]. At Tel Aviv U. 70 Arab students protest housing discrimination [FP 12/6]. Israel announces it has uncovered DFLP cell in Nablus region [FJ 12/6].

Other Countries: U.S. court upholds State Dept. order closing PIO in Washington, D.C.; ACLU plans to appeal ruling [WP 12/3].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: Israeli soldiers raid Bethlehem University, closed since demonstration 10/29 [FJ 12/6]. Near Nablus, Israeli forces use live ammunition to disperse Palestinians protesting Israeli demolition of houses allegedly built without permits; 3 are injured [FJ 12/6].