Sunday, December 13, 1987


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Al-Haq calls for international intervention, protests Israel's "uncensured and indiscriminate use of live ammunition" against Palestinian demonstrators in occupied territories [LAT 12/14]. No one is injured by Molotov cocktails thrown into courtyard of U.S. consulate in E. Jerusalem; more than 20 Palestinians are arrested in connection with the incident. Israeli cabinet discusses violence in occupied territories [WP 12/14; FJ 12/20]. Israel orders 1-month closure of Graduate Association's high school in Hebron because of recent protests [FJ 12/20]. Lydda military court sentences 4th Palestinian captured in international waters aboard the Maria R. to 6 years imprisonment on charges of Fateh membership. [FJ 12/20].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: At least 5 Palestinians are wounded when Israeli forces open fire on rock-throwing demonstrators in several clashes in Gaza Strip. Palestine Press Service reports 24 wounded in Gaza violence [CSM, WP 12/14]. In Hebron, 2 Islamic College students are wounded after bus-stoning incident. Israel reports 6 soldiers wounded in the clashes [LAT, NYT 12/14]. Demonstrations are reported in Jerusalem. Commercial strike is observed in Nablus. Curfew is imposed on 'Askar and Balatah refugee camps after demonstrations, clashes with Israeli soldiers [FJ 12/20].