Friday, February 6, 1987


Occupied Palestine/lIsrael: Al-Fajr reports the Merkovitch Committee, formed to investigate issue of unlicensed construction in the occupied territories, recommends that, of 5,400 unlicensed Arab homes currently scheduled for demolition, 2,600 be given legal status, 300 be destroyed immediately, and 2,500 be scheduled for demolition at a later date [FJ 2/6]. Israeli military authorities order al-Najah University closed for 1 day to prevent possible campus protests [FJ 2/13].

Arab World: Starving residents of Beirut's Burj al-Barajinah refugee camp ask religious leaders for dispensation to eat human flesh [IN 2/7].

Other Countries: Arab-American groups charge 1/27 arrests of Palestinians in Los Angeles are beginning of U.S. plan to round up and deport Arabs [WP 2/7]. Amnesty International spokesman reports Arab prisoners held in S. Lebanon's SLArun al-Khiyam Detention Camp were tortured with electrical shockwaves [FJ 2/13].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: Two Israeli soldiers are injured by stones thrown at them while they patrolled Balatta refugee camp [FJ 2/13].

Arab World: Israeli navy stops Maria R., freighter enroute from Cyprus to Lebanon, arrests 8 Egyptian crewmen, 50 unarmed Palestinians [LM 2/10; WP 2/8]. SLA and Israeli forces engage in heavy fighting with Hizballah forces in Israel's "security zone" in S. Lebanon. At least 8 Hizballah, 1 SLA fighters are killed [IN 2/7].