Saturday, January 31, 1987


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Responding to charges in U.S. Senate Intelligence Com. report, Defense Minister Rabin denies offering to ship Soviet arms to Nicaraguan contras [JP 2/7]. Employees of Jerusalem's financially troubled Arab Women's Federation, which runs schools and child care centers, begin general strike [FJ 2/6].

Arab World: The Los Angeles Times reports that Anglican Church envoy Terry Waite, who has not been seen since 1/20, is being detained by Hizballah in Lebanon [LAT 1/31]. Druze leader Jumblatt offers to trade places with Terry Waite if the envoy has been kidnapped [WP, BG 2/1].

Other Countries: Lisbon weekly Expresso reports that Portugal refused to aid U.S. and Israel ship arms to Iran [WP 1/31].