Wednesday, July 22, 1987


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Egyptian F.M. 'Ismat 'Abd al-Magid meets with 13 Palestinians from occupied territories in Tel Aviv [FJ 7/26]. Estimated 20,000 Palestinians and Israelis participate in opening ceremonies for Nazareth's 12th voluntary work camp [FJ 7/26]. W. Bank military governor orders Muslim Youth Society in Hizma closed for 3 months [FJ 7/26].

Arab World: Unity and Liberation Front announces its formation istatement issued in Lebanon; the front, a coalition of 13 pro-Syrian groups, calls for joint action against Israel, the PLO, and the Lebanese Phalange party [FJ 7/26].

Other Countries: Palestinian political cartoonist Naji al-Ali is seriously injured by unidentified gunman in London [FJ 7/26].