Sunday, June 28, 1987


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Israeli cabinet votes to implement uniform university tuition rate, abandoning controversial 2-tier plan [LAT 6/29]. Alati Mahmud Khalifah, resident of Bethlehem-district's 'Ubaydiyyah village, is killed and 6 other villagers wounded when 2 landbrokers, escorted by bodyguards and Israeli soldiers, open fire on landowners disputing landbrokers' claims to own 6,000 dunams of village land [NYT 6/29; FJ 7/5]. Israeli Prof. Ehud Kidar announces new peace plan supported by Israeli and Palestinian scholars proposing 1 state with 2 governments and a counseling body [FJ 7/5]. In trial of alNajah University's Dr. Sa'ib 'Iriqat for incitement, Israeli prosecutor agues that W. Bank and Gaza residents do not have right of freedom of expression [FJ 7/5]. Sulayman Da'ud Hulaysi, brother of 2 Palestinians involved in October 1986 attack on Israeli soldiers in Jerusalem, is sentenced by Lydda military court to 6 years imprisonment ad4 years suspended on weapons charges [FJ 7/5].