Monday, March 30, 1987


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Herut party ends convention after electing P. M. Shamir party chairman, Ariel Sharon chairman of the party central committee, Moshe Arens party secretary, and David Levy deputy party chairman [NYT 3/31]. Inside the green line, marches and rallies in 'Arrabah, Umm al-Fahm, and Rahat mark Land Day [FJ 4/3]. Israeli forces are unsuccessful in attempt to break almost total commercial strikes in cities throughout the W. Bank and Gaza Strip [FJ 4/3]. Lydda military court sentences to life imprisonment 2 Palestinians convicted of being members of Fateh and carrying out a series of bombings [FJ 4/3]. Israeli Ministry of Defense coordinator of activities for W. Bank and Gaza, Shmuel Goren, threatens imposition of strict restrictions on exports to Jordan if weapon smuggling continues [FJ 4/3].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: At least 1 Palestinian is wounded by army gunfire during Land Day demonstration at Jabaliyyah; in Janin another is shot in the leg by Israeli civilian who shot at crowd that was stoning his car [BG 3/31; FJ 4/3].