Tuesday, May 12, 1987


Occupied Palestine/lsrael: Large student demonstrations inKafr Qasim village continue [FJ 5/17]. International Labor Organization (ILO) issues report on Arab workers in occupied territories [FJ 5/17]. Trial of 3 Palestinians charged with stabbing death of 3 Israelis and membership in Islamic Jihad opens under strict security [FJ 5/17]. Two members of Nablus municipal council resign [FJ 5/17].

Arab World: Egypt's Pres. Mubarak and Jordan's King Hussein meet in Cairo, discuss PNC reconciliation and international peace conference proposal [BG 5/14].

Other Countries: Reports indicate secret agreement between Jordan and Israel includes provision to restrict role of U.S.S.R. in Middle East peace conference [NYT 5/12]. U.S. government refiles charges against 7 Palestinians and 1 Kenyan; 2 are accused of subversion, 6 of visa violations [LAT 5/13].