Sunday, October 4, 1987


Occupied Palestine/lIsrael: Israeli P. M. Yitzhak Shamir meets with 7 pro-Jordanian W. Bank Palestinians; the Palestinians later meet with Shmuel Goren, Israeli coordinator for W. Bank, to discuss economic problems of the territory [FJ 10/11; MET 10/17]. Al-Fajr reports former Hebron Mayor Mustafa Natshah and Gaza attorney Fayiz Abu Rahmah have been denied permission to attend conferences abroad [FJ 10/4]. Abu Dis College of Science employees launch strike to protest ban on establishment of union [FJ 10/11]. Woman charged with attempting to stab Israeli border guard 10/2 is ordered back into custody [FJ 10/11]. Hebron University reopens after 2-week military-ordered closure [FJ 10/11]. Gaza taxi drivers file suit against city police department for excessive ticketing near Eretz crossing [FJ 10/11]. Palestinian youth wounded by IDF bullet dies in hospital [FJ 10/11]. Davar reports Irael and Nigeria have agreed to restore low-level diplomatic relations severed in 1973 [CSM 10/5].

Arab World: PLO accuses Amal of shelling Shatila refugee camp in attempt to undermine Sidon cease-fire agreement [FBIS 10/6].

Military Action

Arab World: SLA patrol attacks UNIFIL position, killing 1 Nepalese soldier [MET 10/17].