Friday, September 11, 1987


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Kol Ha'Ir reports Herut Central Com. member Moshe Amirav has been holding secret meetings with Faysal Husayni, BZU Professor Sari Nusaybah, and al-Sha'b editor Salah Zuhaykah [FJ 9/27].

Arab World: PLO and Amal representatives announce agreement to end 3-year-long battle. PLO will give up posts near Sidon captured 10 months ago; Amal will halt siege of Palestinian refugee camps in Beirut and S. Lebanon [NYT 9/12; WP 9/13].

Other Countries: Israel confirms former ambassador to U. S. Meir Rosenne will serve as legal counsel to Israeli government in negotiations between U. S. and Israel to resolve Pollard spy case [WP 9/12].