Tuesday, September 15, 1987


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Reports suggest Brig. Gen. Ephraim Sneh, head of W. Bank civil administration, is stepping down from post after repeated differences with Shmuel Goren, Defense Ministry coordinator for occupied territories [LAT 9/17]. In E. Jerusalem, Com. Confronting the Iron Fist holds protest condemning detention of Faysal Husayni [FJ 9/20]. Journalist Mahmud Ramahi receives 5-year prison sentence on charges of leading Fateh military cell [FJ 9/20]. Gaza union leaders are interrogated by Israeli authorities [FJ 9/20].

Arab World: Nabih al-Bizri, Sidon representative to Lebanese parliament who mediated between Amal and Palestinian fighters, survives explosion at his home; 5 others are injured [FJ 9/20].

Other Countries: U.S. State Dept. orders Palestine Information Office, Washington, D.C., to close within 30 days [NYT 9/16].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/lIsrael: Numerous clashes between Israeli soldiers and Palestinian youths are reported at Balatah refugee camp; 12-year-old boy is killed, 2 others seriously wounded. Camp is placed under curfew [LAT 9/17; FJ 9/20].

Arab World: In overnight battle on slopes of Mt. Hermon in S. Lebanon, Israeli troops battle Lebanese National Resistance Front guerrillas; 3 IDF soldiers are killed, 4 wounded [NYT 9/17].