Wednesday, September 23, 1987


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Members of Village Leagues meet with pro-Jordanian W. Bank Palestinians in Bethlehem to elect council for new pro-Jordanian party [FJ 9/27]. Hadashot reports F. M. Shimon Peres and Defense Minister Yitzhak Rabin have reached agreement with Jordan to share power in W. Bank [CSM 9/24]. 'Aqbat al-Khaldiyyah Renovation Com. calls on owners of vacant houses in Jerusalem's Old City to occupy buildings immediately [FJ 9/27]. Ishaq Budayri, deputy director of Arab Studies Society, is released after paying IS 3,000 bond [FJ 9/27]. In W. Jerusalem, 2Hebron Polytechnic teachers suffer slight injuries when they are attacked by settlers [FJ 9/27]. Order banning Dayr al-Ghusun residents under the age of 35 from traveling outside W. Bank is lifted after 2 months [FJ 9/27].

Arab World: Jordan announces it will reestablish diplomatic relations with Libya [FJ 9/27]. In Sidon's 'Ayn al-Hilwah refugee camp, 49 Palestinian fighters are hospitalized, 1 killed, after drinking poisoned coffee. Among those poisoned is Jamal Sulayman, accused of assassinating Force 17 leader Rasim al-Ghul [FJ 9/27].

Other Countries: U. S. government expresses concern that confession of accused hijacker Fawwaz Yunis may be inadmissable in trial due to injuries suffered by Yunis while in FBI custody [LAT 9/24].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: Border guards attack group of youths in Hebron's commercial district [FJ 9/27].