Wednesday, April 13, 1988


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Palestinians set fire to 2 businesses whose owners defied Unified National Command call for commercial strike [NYT 4/14].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: IDF patrol kills 3 Palestinian commandos who crossed Lebanese border north of Kafr Yuval [NYT 4/14]. In Gaza demonstrators protest expulsion of 8 Palestinians. In Jabalya, 2 are wounded by gunfire, and UN clinic reports elderly woman suffocated from tear gas. At least 51 are injured by rubber bullets, tear gas, and beatings. Curfews are imposed in Jabalya, Nusayrat, and Khan Yunis camps; curfews continue in Beach and Dayr alBalah camps [FJ 4/17]. In W. Bank's Asirah al-Shamaliyyah village, 9 demonstrators are shot, wounded in clash with troops. Protesters demonstrate in Nablus, Balatah camp, and Hebron-district villages of Bayt Awwa and Dhahriyyah. Israeli sources report 70 Palestinians are arrested in early morning raid of Salfit village, near Nablus. Curfews are lifted in Yamun, Silat al-Harthiyyah, and Maythalun villages [FJ 4/17].