Tuesday, August 2, 1988


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Shops in W. Bank remain closed for second day in protest against deportations of Palestinians [WP 8/3]. Left-wing legislators call special meeting of the Knesset to discuss King Hussein's severing of ties with W. Bank; right-wing legislators will ask for extension of Israeli law to territories [NYT 8/3].

Arab World: In Baghdad PLO spokesman announces emergency session of Palestine National Council will be held to discuss King Hussein's surrendering of sovereignty over the W. Bank [WP 8/3]. Jordanian interior minister Raja'i Dajani says it is too early to comment on effects of King's move on administration of West Bank [WP 8/3].


Occupied Palestine/Israel: In Nablus troops kill 18-year-old Palestinian, wound 2 more [WP 8/3, FJ 8/7]. In Kafr Thulth 100 olive trees are destroyed. Tear gas is used to break up riots in Bethlehem and Beach camp. Clashes also occur in Burayj, Jabalya, Qalqiliyyah camps [FJ 8/7]. Arab World: Lebanese fighters attack South Lebanon Army position killing 1 SLA fighter [FJ 8/7].