Tuesday, August 9, 1988


Occupied Palestine/Israel: A general strike is observed on W. Bank and the Gaza Strip marking the beginning of 9th month of the intifadah [NYT 8/10, FJ 8/14].

Arab World: Assistant Sec. of State Richard Murphy meets with officials in Jordan and Egypt, declines to meet with Palestinians; two Palestinians he was to have met are close to PLO chairman Yasir Arafat. [WP 8/10]. In an interview in al-Sharq al-Awsat PLO chairman Yasir Arafat refuses to state whether he supports Palestinian government-in-exile [NYT 8/10]. In Damascus George Habash, leader of Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, endorses formation of Palestinian government-in-exile [NYT 8/10].


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Troops shoot, kill 14-year-old in Qalqiliyyah [NYT 8/10, FJ8/14]. In Qalqiliyyah 8 others are shot, 9 seriously affected by tear gas [FJ 8/14]. In Jenin 4 Palestinians are shot; in Bayt Rima 5 Palestinians are shot, in Gaza 5 Palestinians are shot [NYT 8/10]; in Jenin 2 Palestinians are shot [FJ 8/14]. In Tel Aviv 2 Palestinians are killed, 1 injured after the shack they were sleeping in was set afire [FJ 8/14]. At Beach camp 13 Palestinians are treated for exposure to tear gas [FJ 8/14]. Demonstrations occur in Tulkarm, Khan Yunis, Jabalya, Nusayrat, and Beach camps and Gaza City, Hebron, Dayr Ghassanah.

Arab World: Israeli Air Force bombers attack positions in S. Lebanon knocking out radio station used to broadcast PLO messages to the territories; 3 people are killed, 5 wounded. It was the 12th Israeli air raid into Lebanon this year; police estimate that over 60 people have been killed, 120 wounded [NYT 8/10]