Monday, February 8, 1988


Occupied Palestine/Israel: In Kafr Qaddum on the W. Bank, settlers whose van was stopped by roadblock open fire on Palestinian demonstrators, killing 1, wounding another [LAT, NYT 2/9]. At least 51 Palestinians have died and more than 800 been injured since uprising began 12/9 [WP 2/9]. Merchants observe 2-day commercial strike to mark beginning of uprising's 3d month [FJ 2/14]. In interview, Def. Min. Rabin opines diplomacy, not force, will end occupied territories diturbances, says forcing striking Palestinian merchants toopen will be lower priority [CSM 2/9]. Settlers vandalize Arab cars in night attack on Bituniyyah village, near Ramallah [FJ 2/14].

Arab World: Syrian officials conclude 3 days of talks with U.S. envoy Richard Murphy, reject U.S. peace proposal [WP 2/9].

Other Countries: Foreign ministers of 12 EEC countries condemn Israeli violations of international law, human rights in W. Bank and Gaza Strip [WP 2/9].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: Burayj youth dies from severe beating by soldiers. Demonstration erupts during youth's funeral. Army responds with clubs, live ammunition, wounding at least 2. Camp is put under curfew [LAT 2/9]. In Nusayrat camp, residents attack soldiers with stones; soldiers use live ammunition when tear gas, rubber bullets fail to disperse crowd. Maj. Gen. Yitzhaq Mordechai orders release of "several dozen" accused of throwing rocks. In W. Bank city of Qalqiliyyah, troops open fire in effort to quell disturbances. Police raid 3 suburbs of E. Jerusalem, firing tear gas, arresting dozens [LAT 2/9]. At least 12 towns, cities, and refugee camps are under curfew [NYT 2/9]. Curfew on Shu'fat refugee camp is lifted for 2 hours to allow residents to buy food. Curfews continue in Nablus area, including region's refugee camps, Tulkarm, Qalqiliyyah, and 'Anabta, as well as Bayt 'Ur al-Tahta, al-Fuqa, Bani Na'im, and 'A'idah camp [FJ 2/14]. In village of Silwan, demonstrators bum Israeli car after driver runs from scene; 2 soldiers are injured trying to disperse stone-throwing crowd. Military closes 2 main entrances to Am'ari camp; 9 entrances to Qalqiliyyah are closed [FJ 2/14].