Tuesday, January 5, 1988


Occupied Palestine/Israel: British Minister of State for Foreign Affairs David Mellor meets with P. M. Shamir [WP 1/6]. Journalist Hanna Siniora, Birzeit U. Prof. Sari Nusaybah, Nablus attorney Ghassan Shaka'ah, and nonviolent activist Mubarak 'Awad announce nonviolent civil disobedience campaign against Israel, call for boycott of Israeli products [CSM, NYT 1/6].

Arab World: In Cairo, about 200 Egyptian lawyers burn Israeli flag; 'Ayn Shams University students demonstrate against Israeli tactics in occupied territories [LAT 1/6].

Other Countries: UN Security Council unanimously approves resolution condemning Israel's plan to deport 9 Palestinians from occupied territories [WP, NYT 1/6]. In Pakistan, 5 Palestinians on trial for hijacking Pan American airliner in 1986 state they intended to release passengers, blow up plane over Israel after securing release of Palestinian prisoners [WP, LAT 1/6].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: In Khan Yunis, supporters of Hasan Ghanim Abu Shaqra, Muslim leader ordered deported by Israel, throw stones, burn tires. Israeli troops respond with water cannon, tear gas, then open fire when demonstrators try to march from Abu Shaqra's home to mosque; 1 demonstrator is killed, 4 others wounded. In separate Khan Yunis clash, soldiers shoot, wound 3 protesters; 1 other is wounded in Gaza City confrontation. Palestine Press Service reports another Palestinian killed in the Khan Yunis clashes. Scattered violence is reported in East Jerusalem and W. Bank towns of Bethlehem, Bir Zeit, Tulkarm, and Qalqiliyyah [NYT, WP 1/6]. Tulkarm and 'Azzah refugee camps are placed under curfew following protests. Women demonstrating in front of Nablus military court are attacked by Israeli soldiers [FJ 1/10].

Arab World: In Cairo, students at 'Ayn Shams University stage anti-Israel demonstration. Lawyers burn Stars of David in front of Egyptian bar association [WSJ 1/8].