Thursday, January 7, 1988


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Leaders of new civil disobedience movement urge Palestinian boycott of Israeli soft drinks and cigarettes [CSM 1/8]. Complete commercial strike is observed throughout most of W. Bank [FJ 1/10]. Pledging to continue until their deportation orders are rescinded, 6 Palestinians join hunger strike [FJ 1/10]. During press conference inJerusalem, delegation of 6 Spanish legal experts describes military trials in occupied territories as worse than those under the Franco regime [FJ 1/10]. Civil administration reduces ban on distribution of al-Quds from 30 to 18 days [FJ 1/10].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: About 1,000 Palestinians attack Israeli soldiers at Gaza Strip's Maghazi and Nusayrat refugee camps in response to calls from mosque loudspeakers. Troops respond with gunfire, killing 1, wounding 7 [WP 1/9]. In E. Jerusalem, police arrest at least 12 demonstrators after protest on Salah al-Din St. Violent clashes between tire-burning, rock-throwing demonstrators and Israeli troops are also reported inRafah and Khan Yunis [FJ 1/10].