Thursday, July 7, 1988


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Jericho reports water shortages as the city had its water supply cut off 7/1 [FJ 7/10]. Davar reports that tourism has dropped 28% in the first 6 months of 1988 when compared with same period last year [JPS 7/7].


Occupied Palestine/Israel: In 'Ayn Bayt al-Ma' camp a 9-year-old is shot during demonstrations; several people are injured by rubber bullets [FJ 7/10]. Clashes occur in Jerusalem, Ramallah, Jenin [FJ 7/10].

Other Countries: The Washington Post announces that the U.K. and Saudi Arabia will sign major arms deal worth "tens of billions of dollars." The deal includes advanced jet bombers, mine sweepers, construction contracts [WP 7/8]. The U.S. Senate votes to bar sale of Maverick missiles to Kuwait [WSJ 7/8].