Saturday, July 30, 1988


Occupied Palestine/Israel: In 'Ararah, within Green Line, 800 Israeli Palestinians march in support of uprising [FJ 8/7].

Arab World: King Hussein of Jordan dissolves lower chamber of Jordanian parliament; half of members were W. Bank Palestinians [WP 7/31].


Occupied Palestine/Israel: 67-year-old Palestinian-American dies from heart attack after Israeli troops order him to remove graffiti from neighborhood school and refuse to allow him to take heart medicine [WP 8/3]. In Jabalya demonstrations break out as Israelis lift curfew for an hour and a half; 28 Palestinians are injured [FJ 8/7]. In Khan Yunis 8 people are shot, 30 injured by tear gas [FJ 8/7]. Demonstrations also occur in Bayt Sahur, Tulkarm, and Burayj, Beach camps [FJ 8/14].

Other Countries: New York Times reports Reagan administration officials have met with members of Congress and leaders of American-Jewish organizations to work out deal allowing Kuwait to buy U.S. arms [NYT 7/31]. In Peru authorities arrest 3 Palestinians, charge them with trying to make contact with Peruvian guerrillas [WP 7/31].