Sunday, March 6, 1988


Occupied Palestine/Israel: During weekly inner cabinet meeting, P.M. Shamir refuses to hold vote on U.S. peace proposal and rejects Sec. of State Shultz's 3/16 deadline for responding to plan [NYT, WP 3/7]. At military court in Jaffa, captain and 2 soldiers involved in beating detained Palestinians are charged with brutality and assault [NYT, WP 3/7]. Gazan dies from gunshot wounds suffered 3/4 [NYT 3/7]. General strike continues in occupied territories [Fl 3/13]. Al-Quds daily resumes distribution in Gaza Strip and W. Bank following 45-day Israeli-ordered ban [FJ 3/13]. Israel announces all print shops must obtain special permits from Office of the Interior in Beit El [FJ 3/13].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: In Nablus' 'Askar refugee camp, soldiers shoot dead Palestinian youth; army says Palestinians may have opened fire. In Mazra'ah al-Sharqiyyah, near Ramallah, soldiers use live ammunition in effort to quell violent demonstrations, killing 1 and wounding another [WP, NYT 3/7]. Police use tear gas to disperse youths blockading streets in E. Jerusalem. Demonstrations break out in Ramallah, Bayt Sahur, and Bayt Jala following Sunday services [FJ 3/13]. Curfews continue in villages of Khadir, Bidiyyah, and Bani Na'im and 'Arrub camp [FJ 3/13]. In Gaza Strip, Beach camp residents defy curfew, clash with Israeli troops; soldiers respond with tear gas. Demonstrators in Burayj moum death of camp resident wounded by Israeli soldiers 3/4. Violent clashes are also reported in W. Bank's Am'ari, Qadduri, and 'Azzah refugee camps [FJ 3/13].