Tuesday, May 10, 1988


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Gaza residents begin registering to receive new identity cards; residents must pay taxes in order to receive new cards [WP, NYT 5/11]. General strike is observed in occupied territories [FJ 5/15]. Trials begin for Qabatiyyah residents charged in connection with 2/24 lynching of collaborator [FJ 5/15]. Water supplies restored to village of Bayt Fajjar, near Bethlehem [FJ 5/15]. Resident of Ta'amrah village shot in 3/30 clash dies [FJ 5/15].

Arab World: Speaking in Baghdad, PLO Chairman Yasir Arafat charges U.S. has threatened to assassinate PLO leaders if PLO attacks U.S. targets [WP 5/11].

Other Countries: U.S. vetoes UN Security Council resolution condemning 2-day Israeli sweep in S. Lebanon [WP 5/1 1]. F. M. Peres holds talks with 2 Soviet officials in Madrid [MET 5/19].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/lIsrael: In village of Till near Nablus, 4 Palestinians are wounded by army gunfire when residents protest military raid [FJ 5/15]. Israeli troops use live ammunition to disperse demonstrators in village of Ramin, near Tulkarm. Several army raids of W. Bank villages are reported. Ramallah-area village of Kafr Malik is still sealed. Curfews remain in force in Duhayshah refugee camp, Irtas village, and Balatah refugee camp [FJ 5/15].