Wednesday, April 26, 1989


Occupied Palestine/Israel: More than 80 leading Palestinians from O.T. issue statement rejecting Shamir's call for elections in territories, calling on Israel to negotiate with PLO, attend international peace conference [NYT, LAT 4/27]. General strike is observed throughout O.T. [FJ 5/1].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: In Tulkarm camp troops shoot, kill 8-year-old Palestinian; 7 Palestinians are wounded at funeral. In Sabra troops open fire, kill 16-year-old Palestinian, wound 9 during demonstration. Troops shoot, kill 14-year-old Palestinian in Beach camp. In al-Shaja'iyah 14 Palestinians are wounded during protests [FBIS 4/27, FJ 5/1]. At Ansar 3 guards open fire with rubber bullets, tear gas and wound 5 during protest [FBIS 4/27].

Arab World: According to Beirut radio, IDF, SLA kill 8 Arabs in al-Qawzah [FBIS 4/27].