Saturday, December 16, 1989


Other Countries: U.S. Congressman Douglas W. Owens (D-UT) of House Foreign Affairs Committee arrives in Damascus and meets with Vice Pres. 'Abd al-Halim Khaddam [FBIS 12/15].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: Israeli military closes indefinitely Khalid Ibn al-Walid School in Nusayrat camp [FJ 12/15].

3 Palestinians from W. Bank village of Bayt Immar wounded by plastic bullets during clash with IDF [FBIS 12/19].

Arab World: 2 Fateh commandos are killed in clash with Lebanese militiamen in S. Lebanon [NYT 12/17].

Syrian soldiers in Alman, S. Lebanon fire on Palestinian patrol, sparking halfhour battle [MET 12/26].

Egyptian Interior Minister Zaki Badr survives assassination attempt in Cairo [MET 12/26].