Wednesday, February 1, 1989


Occupied Palestine/Israel: P.M. Shamir announces willingness to withdraw troops from heavily populated areas in O.T. if Palestinians accepted autonomy plan [NYT, WP 2/2]. Military court sentences 5 Palestinians toup to 2 years in prison for throwing rocks at soldiers, settlers [LAT 2/2, FJ 2/6].

Arab World: PLO rejects Shamir proposal, calling it plan for continued occupation [NYT 2/2].

Other Countries: Israeli "doves" including Abba Eban, MK Ran Cohen and prominent members of PLO attend conference at The Hague to discuss Middle East peace [NYT, LAT 2/21.

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: Israel charges Fateh with forming, funding "popular army" inside O.T. [WP 2/2]. In Idna 4 Palestinians are shot by Israeli troops. In Khirbat al-Dayr 2 Palestinians are shot. In Abasan 2 Palestinians are shot, wounded. At least 8 more Palestinians are injured throughout the O.T. [FJ 2/6].