Monday, March 27, 1989


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Al HaMishmar reports that Shamir has met with Sari Nuseibeh, Hanna Siniora, Elias Freij, Faysal Husayni; the Palestinians received PLO permission to meet with the Israeli P.M. and reported the results to the PLO leadership [FBIS 3/27]. General strike is observed throughout O.T. Curfews throughout O.T. confine 400,000 Palestinians to homes [FJ 4/3].

Arab World: Saudi King Fahd arrives in Cairo for 4-day visit [FBIS 3/28].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: Israeli troops open fire near Jenin, kill 4-year-old Palestinian [FBIS 3/27, FJ 4/3]. In Nablus 4 Palestinians are wounded by troops [FBIS 3/27]. At least 19 other Palestinians are injured throughout O.T. [FJ 4/3].