Tuesday, May 23, 1989


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Prime Minister Shamir calls Baker's speech calling on Israel to forswear annexation of O.T. "useless" [NYT, WP 5/24]. General strike is observed throughout O.T. Curfew in Anabta enters 20th day [FJ 5/29].

Arab World: Egyptian president Husni Mubarak gives keynote address opening Arab summit in Casablanca [WP 5/24]. Southern Lebanese town of Jezzin observes strike protesting tactics of Israeli, SLA troops [NYT 5/28].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: In Rafah at least 10 Palestinians are shot, wounded during clash. At least 7 other Palestinians are shot, injured in Gaza [FJ 5/29]. Soldiers shoot, injure 2 Palestinians in Nablus [FBIS 5124].

Arab World: Joint IDF-SLA (South Lebanese Army) patrol enters 2 Druze villages north of "security zone" [FJ 5/29].