Wednesday, November 1, 1989


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Israeli military investigator is ordered to stop using numbers in telephone book confiscated from Palestinian joumalist Taher Shriteh on 10/30. Investigator had been calling Shriteh's contacts and ordering them to appear at Gaza City's military headquarters [NYT 11/2].

Other Countries: U.S. Sec. of State Baker telephones Israeli F. M. Moshe Arens to discuss revisions of Baker's 5-point framework [FBIS 11/2; NYT, WP 11/3].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: Army closes Bayt Sahur for 7 hours, a day after lifting the siege there [MET 11/14]. 8 Swedish government officials are caught in a clash in the W. Bank; Palestinian schoolchildren had gathered to meet the delegation, Israeli soldiers dispersed the gathering with rubber bullets and tear gas [FBIS 11/2; MET 11/14].