Friday, September 8, 1989


Other Countries: Israeli D.M. Rabin meets with Defense Secretary Cheney, Sec. of State Baker, and national security advisor Scowcroft in Washington to discuss Lebanon, Middle East peace process [NYT 9/9]. Rabin and Cheney sign agreement allowing U.S. to "lend" Israel military equipment. Agreement is kept secret so as not to anger Arab nations [WP 9/27; NYT 9/29]. Cheney informs Rabin that U.S. is planning to sell to Saudia Arabia 315 MI-Al tanks, asks Israel not to use its influence in Congress to stop the sale [NYT 9/29].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: 13-year-old Palestinian is shot, killed by Israeli soldiers during demonstration; bodies of 3 Arabs suspected of collaboration are found; at least 14 other Palestinians wounded in clashes throughouthe O.T. [LAT 9/9; MET 9/19]. Palestinian faction claims responsibility for firing missiles from Jordan into Israel on 9/7 [LAT 9/9].