Friday, September 29, 1989


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Government closes Gaza Strip through 10/2 during Rosh Hashana [WP 9/29]. Hadashot poll determines the most hated person in Israel is Shimon Peres [FBIS 10/2].

Arab World: President Hosni Mubarak telephones P.M. Shamir and gives conditional offer to meet; they agree to arrange a future meeting [NYT, WP 10/1].

Other Countries: Sec. of State Baker wams that Middle East peace process would go "back to the drawing board," unless the Israeli cabinet either endorses the Egyptian 10-point plan or finds another way to bring Palestinians to the bargaining table [NYT, LAT 9/30].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: Israeli army reduces sentences of 3 soldiers convicted of beating a Palestinian to death in custody from nine months to six [NYT 9/30; MET 10/10]. 2 Palestinians, 19 and 13, are shot, killed in clashes with soldiers; at least 2 others are wounded throughout O.T. [FBIS 10/3].