Tuesday, April 17, 1990

Jerusalem District Court overturns lower court ruling, allows eviction of Jewish nationalists from Hospice of St. John (cf. 4/10) [WP, LAT, WT 4/18; NYT 4/ 19; JDS 4/17 in FBIS 4/18].

In Moscow, Faisal Husayni meets with Soviet F.M. officials to discuss Jewish emigration [YA 4/17 in FBIS 4/18].

Arafat arrives in Amman for official state visit [ADS 4/17 in FBIS 4/17].

Palestinians commemorate 2d anniversary of assassination Abu Jihad [Kahlil al-Wazir]; at least 30 Gazans are injured in marches [jDS 4/17 in FBIS 4/18].

Pres. Saddam Hussein says Iraqi military commanders have standing orders to attack Israel with chemical weapons in event Israel uses nuclear weapons against Iraq [LAT 4/18].