Tuesday, April 24, 1990

Responding to international criticism about secret gov't. funding of Jewish settlement in Jerusalem, Israeli foreign ministry issues statement: "It is the right of Jews to live everywhere, and to purchase or rent property in all parts of the land of Israel, and especially in Jerusalem" [NYT 4/25].

UN spokesperson says Sec. Gen. Javier Perez de Cuellar is deeply concerned over presence of Jewish settlers in Christian quarter of Jerusalem, and disturbed over Israeli officials' financial involvement [WP 4/25].

Through an emissary to interim P.M. Shamir, AIPAC exec. dir. Thomas Dine questions timing of Jewish settlement in Christian quarter of Jerusalem, criticizes Israeli gov't.'s secret financing of move (cf. 4/25) [NYT, WT 4/25].

Gov't of Greece has shelved its plans to establish full diplomatic relations with Israel until all settlers are evacuated from Greek Orthodox St. John's Hospice in Jerusalem [JPD 4/24 in FBIS 4/25].

Peretz Kidron of Yesh Gvul organization says at least 108 IDF reservists have gone to prison for refusing to serve in O.T. [MET 5/8-14].

Group called Islamic Jihad-Jerusalem threatens to kill Americans worldwide unless U.S. Senate repeals 3/22 resolution calling Jerusalem the capital of Israel [NYT 4/25].

U.S. House of Representatives votes 378 to 34 in favor of a nonbinding resolution affirming support for united Jerusalem as capital of Israel. Resolution, identical to one passed by Senate on 3/22, conflicts with official U.S. policy [WP, WT 4/25; FJ 4/30].

Syria's first ambassador to Egypt in 13 years, Isa Darwish, presents his credentials to Pres. Mubarak [MET 5/8-14].

Eight Arab states, including the State of Palestine, have agreed to Arab summit in Baghdad in late May (cf. 5/1) [KUNA 4/24 in FBIS 4/25].

Officials from PLO and Japan meet within framework of agreement reached last October, PLO to ask for assistance in creating jobs in O.T. [AVP 4/24 in FBIS 4/25].

Czechoslovakia's Pres. Havel says his country can serve as transit station for emigrating Soviet Jews [JDS 4/24 in FBIS 4/25].

Amid rumors that Israel will release captives held in S. Lebanon as payoffor release of U.S. hostage, Israeli officials say Israeli prisoners in Lebanon must be released as part of any deal [LAT 4/25].