Sunday, August 19, 1990

Pres. Mubarak and Saudi F.M. Prince Saud al-Faisal hold talks in Cairo on Gulf crisis [MET 8/28].

French gov't, alarmed by reports that its citizens are being detained in Baghdad, orders its Gulf fleet to use force if necessary to ensure compliance with UN sanctions [WP 8/20].

PLO issues first official statement on Gulf crisis, saying it will continue to seek Arab solution that would "preserve everyone's dignity, and not in favor of one party at the expense of another" [MEM 8/20; CSM 8/21]; Chrmn. of Palestine National Fund and PLO Exec. Committee member Jawayd al-Ghusayn calls Iraq's occupation of Kuwait illegal; says PLO should not take sides in the crisis [SPA 8/19, AFP 8/20 in FBIS 8/20; WT 8/20].

Israeli F.M. David Levy calls for gas masks to be distributed immediately to the population [JDS 8/19 in FBIS 8/20].

Israeli Supreme Court rejects a petition calling on army to lift permanent nighttime curfew on Gaza Strip, saying it was not convinced the army's reasons for imposing curfew were wrong [MEM 8/20; JPD 8/20 in FBIS 8/24; FJ 9/3].

IDF troops shoot, kill Jordanian soldier, injure another in skirmish just inside W. Bank [IDF 8/19 in FBIS 8/20; NYT, LAT, MEM 8/20; MET 8/28].