Wednesday, August 22, 1990

Pres. Bush authorizes call-up of U.S. military reserves for active duty to bolster forces in Gulf [WT 8/22; NYT, LAT, WT, WP 8/23; MET 9/4].

U.S. announces it will defy Iraqi orders, and keep its Kuwaiti embassy open past 8/24 deadline; nonessential personnel are to be evacuated [NYT, WT, WP 8/23; MET 9/4].

Saudi officials announce, as of 9/1, they will suspend daily exports of jet and diesel fuel, and divert much of it to American military as down payment on reimbursement for U.S. aid in Gulf crisis [NYT 8/23].

Mideast Mirror reports that a poll published in Egyptian newspaper Al-Ahali finds 72% oppose Iraq's invasion of Kuwait, 24% support Saddam; 86% oppose foreign intervention and 74% say Egyptian troops should not fight Arab brothers in Iraq if war breaks out [MEM 8/22].

P.M. Shamir appears on Israeli television, says Israel is not seeking any role in Gulf crisis, but wams Baghdad it "will pay a terrible price" for an attack on Israel [WP, MEM 8/23].

B'Tselem issues report on housing construction in O.T. claiming some 13,000 W. Bank houses have been built without the required permits; report sharply criticizes Israeli permit procedures [HAA 8/23 in FBIS 8/24; FJ 8/27].