Saturday, December 8, 1990

New York Times reports that, with enough Soviet Jews to elect an MK arriving every 6 weeks, political parties are competing for large new voter pool; that immigrants may dramatically reshape Israeli politics in near future [NYT 12/9].

PLO leader Arafat delivers speech stressing Palestinian unity as o.t. prepares to mark anniversary of intifada [AVP 12/9, BVP 12/10 in FBIS 12/10; MEM 12/10]; Palestinians in o.t. begin 2-day general strike to commemorate 10/8 Haram al-Sharif killings [WP 12/9].

GCC finance ministers meet for summit in Doha to discuss disruption of economies because of Gulf crisis [WAKH 12/8 in FBIS 12/11]; while Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries opens meeting in Cairo [MENA 12/8 in FBIS 12/11].