Saturday, December 22, 1990

Overnight, at least 19 U.S. sailors on leave from Gulf duty drown off Israeli port of Haifa when ferry carrying them back to USS Saratoga capsizes and sinks [JDS 12/22 in FBIS 12/24; LAT 12/22; NYT, WP 12/23; JPI 12/29; MET 1/1].

Gulf Cooperation Council opens 11th annual summit meeting in Doha, Qatar with the 6 member nations' leaders in attendance [WAKH 12/22 in FBIS 12/24; NYT 12/23; MET 1/1].

New York Times reports that in early November, Pres. Bush authorized American oil companies to import limited amounts of crude oil from Iran, partly relaxing ban on all Iranian goods imposed in 1987 near end of Iran-Iraq war [NYT 12/23].

PFLP reopens its Baghdad office after a 10-year absence [INA 12/22 in FBIS 1/3; MET 1/1].

IDF shoots dead "terrorist" cutting through fence along Israeli-Jordanian border north of Argaman settlement [JDS 12/22 in FBIS 12/24].

PLO statement says 12/20 UN Sec. Council resolution is insufficient and disproportionate compared to the volume of aggressions committed by Israel against Palestinians [AVP 12/23 in FBIS 12/24; AFP 12/22 in FBIS 12/27].