Monday, December 31, 1990

UNLU leaflet promises that intifada leadership will punish those Palestinians who carry out executions of suspected collabora- tors [NYT 1/1].

Bomb prematurely explodes in West Jerusalem, killing Palestinian who is apparently handling the explosives [JDS 12/31 in FBIS 12/31; NYT, LAT, WT 1/1].

Iraq orders 17-year-olds to report for military duty [BVM 12/31 in FBIS 12/31; LAT 1/1].

Secret meeting takes place in Jerusalem between Major Teddy Kollek and Palestinian activist leader Faisal Husseini. They hold cordial discussion on topics including status of Jerusalem on condition that meeting not be made public immediately (cf. 1/4) [LAT 1/5].

Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics releases year-end figures: economic activity in o.t. has declined sharply; population of Israel rose to 4.8 million [JDS, HAA 1/1 in FBIS 1/3; MEM 1/2].

Economic and Planning Minister David Magen tells Knesset committee that by March 1991, Jews will be a demographic majority in Galilee; Magen announces establishment of Galilee Development Authority [HAA 1/1 in FBIS 1/4].

UNLU issues call no. 66 "denounc[ing] the imperialist role and the hostile policy of the U.S.," and calling on Egypt and Syria to withdraw their forces from Saudi Arabia [BVP 1/2 in FBIS 1/15].

In 21st and deadliest air attack in Lebanon this year, Israeli fighter-bombers kill 12 Fateh militiamen in predawn raid south of Sidon [JAA 12/31 in FBIS 12/31; NYT, WT 1/1].