Thursday, February 8, 1990


Arab World: PLO ambassador to Tunisia, and Arab League Gen. Sec. meet with U.S. ambassador to Tunisia to discuss Middle East situation [FBIS 2/9].

Other Countries: East Germany agrees to pay reparations to Jewish victims. P.M. Hans Modrow says the gov't. recognizes "the responsibility of the entire German people for the past." The amount of money paid will be determined in negotiations with Israel [NYT 2/9].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: Arab Local Councils inside the green line begin strike to protest failure of Israeli Ministry of Interior to provide funds it had pledged to give the councils [FJ 2/12].

20-year-old Palestinian dies of gunshot wounds received 2/7 [FBIS 2/8; FJ 2/12].

3 Hebron-area house are sealed by IDF on grounds that occupants belonged to popular committees [FBIS 2/9].

Intense clashes between IDF and Gazans continue for third consecutive day. Middle East Times reports 2 Palestinians killed, and at least 87 wounded, mostly from Rafah [MET 2/20].

IDF reports beginning use of experimental "mini-gravel launcher," a jeepmounted cannon that fires egg-sized rocks 75 meters. The canon can shoot 600 rocks per minute [FBIS 2/8].