Thursday, July 12, 1990

Ethiopia has reportedly stopped issuing exit visas for Jews in attempt to compel Israel to send Ethiopian gov't. more weapons. Israeli advisors, weapons, and surveillance equipment are being used by gov't. against rebel guerrilla armies [WJW, WT 7/12; NYT 7/13, 7/14]; Washington Jewish Week says classified congressional memorandum confirms that Israel has supplied Ethiopia with cluster bombs, military trainers, etc. as part of deal [MEM 7/13; JDS 7/13 in FBIS 7/13].

Israeli Labor party's 150-member leadership bureau abandons its 7/5 position of not taking sides in party leadership struggle, backs Yitzhak Rabin over Shimon Peres on major issues; Labor's 1,400-member central committee will reach final decisions at 7/22 meeting [JDS 7/12 in FBIS 7/13; NYT, WP, WT 7/13].

West Bank settlers have set up "foreign office," called Foreign Relations Forum of the Council of Jewish Communities in Judea, Samaria and Gaza, whose task is to explain to foreign and domestic gov't. and media personalities the "needs and rights" of settlers [JPD 7/12 in FBIS 7/12].

Chrmn. of U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Colin Powell, arrives in Israel, meets with D.M. Moshe Arens [JDS 7/ 12 in FBIS 7/13].

In Moscow, Soviet-Arab dialogue continues as Soviet officials host delegation from Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Libya, Palestine, Syria and Tunisia [IZV 7/14].