Friday, July 27, 1990

P.M. Shamir meets in Jerusalem with visiting pres. of Soviet Chamber of Commerce, Vladislav Malkevich, to discuss developing Soviet-Israeli trade relations [JDS 7/27 in FBIS 7/27]; decision to exchange trade representatives is reached [MTS 7/27 in FBIS 7/30].

U.S. Senate votes to impose sanctions on Iraq, prohibiting guaranteed loans to buy American farm products; House passes milder version. Measures are included in each house's farm bill to be passed later this year [DUS 7/28 in FBIS 7/30; MEM 8/3].

Al-Qabbas reports Egypt has halted its U.S.-PLO mediation efforts and invited PLO to go it alone; Cairo's decision related to continuing Egyptian-Palestinian crisis (cf. 7/19, 7/23) [MEM 7/27].