Tuesday, June 26, 1990

Heads of state of 12 EC countries end 2-day summit in Dublin, issue statement on Middle East opposing Israeli settlement policy, calling for international conference, and for strengthening trade links with O.T. [TDS 6/27 in FBIS 6/28; MEM 6/28].

Jean-Claude Amrie meets with 5 Palestinian academicians, is presented with 12- point memorandum outlining situation in O.T. [RMC 6/26 in FBIS 6/27].

Internal IDF paper recommends that chief of staff and defense establishment change criteria for reporting incidents in O.T. so that daily occurrences are more accurately portrayed [HAA 6/26 in FBIS 6/26].

Egypt's F.M. Esmat Abdel Meguid meets with Pres. Bush in Washington, no "breakthroughs" on peace process are reported, but U.S. interest in reviving process is affirmed [WP 6/28].

Bethlehem Mayor Elias Frayj meets with D.M. Moshe Arens to discuss situation in O.T. [JAA 6/26 in FBIS 6/28].

F.M. David Levy rejects Sec. Baker's formula for Israeli-Palestinian negotiation, echoes Shamir in saying talks cannot include deportees or E. Jerusalem residents [JPD 6/27 in FBIS 6/27].

B'Tselem issues report "Violence against Minors in Police Detention," which claims teenagers interrogated by police and Shin Bet agents are routinely beaten, chained in awkward positions or in "punishment cells" for hours at a time [JPD 6/26 in FBIS 6/27].

Syria rejects invitation from P.M. Shamir for Pres. Asad to go to Jerusalem for peace talks, calls the offer "a trick" [NYT 6/27].