Monday, March 26, 1990

Elie'zer Schach, elderly rabbi with influence over Shas and Torah Flag religious parties, delivers speech disapproving of Israel as secular state; his criticism of Likud and Labor could prolong gov't. crisis [NYT 3/27; WP 3/28].

Israeli gov't. officials express satisfaction with 3/22 U.S. Senate resolution [JDP 3/26 in FBIS 3/26].

Syria and Jordan sign agreement to promote tourism between the 2 nations [MET 4/10-16].

In Tunis, Arab League Council conducts emergency meeting at request of Iraq; strongly condemns 3/22 U.S. Senate resolution [TDS, RDS 3/26 in FBIS 3/27].

Czechoslovakia's airline CSA and El Al agree to provide 2 fights aweek, 1 by each carrier, between the nations beginning this summer [JDP 3/27 in FBIS 3/ 27].